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How this works

We put you in the drivers seat

We wanted to offer our clients the unique opportunity to order a cleaning service on your terms.

* You have access to the scheduling calendar. 
* You can pick your preferred date.
* You can pick you preferred morning or afternoon session.
* You can pick your cleaner.
* We show up on time.
* We have all the equipment we need to complete the task
* We leave & your are electronically invoiced within 24 to 48 hours

Head to the "Book Online" tab at the top of the page to begin!

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Office Mopping


professionalism at its finest

Our mission is to provide a humble service insanely well—to provide unparalleled service and allow our work to exceed all expectations of professionalism, integrity, and effectiveness. From the smallest and easiest job to the most strenuous, we make sure that we’re not finished until the satisfaction of our customers is met.

We think ecologically and ethically. From the way we hire our amazing team of cleaning specialists, to the products we use and waste disposal.

We aim to finish each project in a timely-manner and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed industry expectations.

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