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The first collection of natural foaming hand soap bottles made from wheat straw. Durability without compromising end-of-life biodegradability.

500ml Wheat straw foaming hand soap bottle

    • Wheat straw is a renewable resource.

    • At the end of its life, the bottle can be converted into paste that will be used to make new products again and again!

    • Less energy is required to produce this bioplastic compared to traditional plastic.

    • Made from recovered agricultural “waste” -  the dry wheat stalk that is unused during the wheat harvest.

  • - Helps eliminate 12,000M plastic bottles being discarded every year in North America.

    - Made in Quebec.

    - Biodegrades in 9 months at the end of its life.

    - Paraben-free, phosphate-free, synthetic fragrance-free, artificial colouring-free.

    - Helps reduce CO2 emissions during shipping thanks to its low weight.

    - Made from recovered agricultural “waste”.

    - Approaches carbon neutrality thanks to its bio-based plastic.

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