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An ultra-concentrated ecological detergent that gently cleans all fabrics.Use just one tablet with every wash for your light, dark and coloured clothes!

Available in one scent:

  • unscented

Laundry detergent - 6 pack

  • Sodium carbonate

    This mineral, also known as soda crystals, is a filler that removes grease and dirt.


    Citric acid

    Obtained from the fermentation of plant-based raw materials, it removes dirt and ensures that the tablet dissolves in water.


    Sodium gluconate

    Derived from gluconic acid, this salt helps maximize the tablet's effectiveness by attenuating the effect of water ions.


    Sodium chloride

    This ingredient, commonly known as "table salt", helps give the tablet density.

    Lauryl glucoside, Sodium sulfate, Sodium silicate, Sodium coco-sulfate 

    Derived from natural sources, this blend of surfactants contributes to cleansing.

    Enzymes (protease, lipase, cellulase, amylase)

    Enzymes clean protein- and fat-based stains by specifically degrading these types of molecules.

    Magnesium stearate

    Salt derived from vegetable fatty acids. A lubricant that facilitates compression.

    Cellulose gum

    This cellulose derivative is an anti-redeposition agent that prevents dirt from being deposited on your clean garments.


    Sugar obtained from the hydrolysis of corn or rice starch, acting as a dissolving agent.

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