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This is what we try and accomplish during the the Maintenance Service. 

Restrictions may apply, depending on home size & requirements.

We have added an "XL & XXL" service for larger homes. 

The Maintenance Check List would still apply. 

Please ask for details if you are at all unsure.


general tidy

wipe down back splashes

appliance exteriors polished

kick plates wiped

wipe down & sanitize all counter surfaces

floors mopped

baseboards dusted (scrubbing/wiping baseboards is an extra charge)

sink cleaned & polished

hood fan cleaned

stove top cleaned

exterior cupboard surfaces & handles spot wiped

microwave interior cleaned

empty garbage wipe down with sanitizer


sink cleaned & sanitized

toilet cleaned & sanitized

bath/shower cleaned and sanitized

counter tops cleaned & sanitized

cabinets spot wiped 

window sills wiped

clean mirrors & glass

chrome work cleaned & shined

empty garbage & bin sanitized

floors cleaned

baseboards wiped

doors wiped

handles disinfected


decor dusted

hard surfaces wet wiped

furniture vacuumed

doors & walls spot wiped

light fixtures/fans dusted (within reach)


washer seals sanitized, exterior polished

dryer lint trap cleaned, exterior polished

doors and walls spot wiped

trash emptied

floors vacuumed and mopped

baseboards vacuumed (scrubbing is an extra charge)

floors vacuumed and/or mopped

baseboards vacuumed

[we only move furniture if safe to do so]


damp dust stairways (hard floor)

vacuum stairs (carpeted)

sanitize handrail

damp dust spindles and bases if necessary


(please note we do not launder bedding)

glass cleaned

upper surfaces dusted

lower surfaces, vacuumed or mopped

baseboards vacuumed (scrubbing is an extra charge)

rugs vacuumed

doors & walls spot wiped

light fixtures & fans dusted (if within reach)

[furniture only moved if safe to do so]


oven clean 


baseboards scrubbed 

interior windows and window tracks 


special requests 

[all subject to availability and conversation!] 

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